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The most successful chain of huts are owned by the Naro Moru River Lodge and due to its popularity with both local and international climbers it is advisable to book well in advance. The Mountain Club of Kenya and Bantu Lodge do also own a couple of huts on the mountain.

Met Station Lodge. It is located on the Naro Moru Route and is at an altitude of 3048m. The lodge is managed by the Naro Moru River Lodge and sleeps around thirty people. There are a couple of latrines and water is available from the various taps located besides each Banda. There are about five bandas and a store.

Mackinders Camp. It is also managed by the Naro Moru River Lodge and is at an altitude of. It sleeps about forty people and water is available and so are latrine facilities. It from here that all summit attacks are launched. The approximate elevation is about 4200m.

Top Hut (4790m). Located near Austrian Hut on the East Side of Lewis glacier and is at present reserved for M.C.K members only. Water is available from Curling Pond or from puddles nearby. Prior to using this facility permission must be obtained from the Mountain Club of Kenya.

Austrian Hut (4790m). It has three rooms and sleeps about thirty people. Mr. Marcus Schmuck and his Austrian colleagues donated most of the funds to the construction of this hut. The hut is extremely popular with climbers and advance booking i generally recommended.

Two Tarn Hut (4490m). It was erected by the Mountain Club of Kenya in 1963 besides the upper lake on Two Tarn Col. It is ideally situated for starting points for routes on the southern and western sides of Batian. (Hut has recently been demolished)

Kami Hut (4439m). It was constructed in January 1963. It forms an excellent base for north face climbs. (Hut has recently been demolished)

Old Moses Banda. Owned by Bantu lodge these are an excellent place to stay the first night if attempting the Sirimons route before attempting to climb to the higher areas of the mountain. the bandas are a 3 hours walk from the park gate.

Shiptons Banda’s (4300m). Located just above the Shiptons caves on the sirimon route they provide an excellent place to launch the summit climbs. These are probably the closest bandas to the peaks in the Mackinders Valley.

Liki North Hut (3993m). It is the only hut on the north west of the moorlands. It is a convenient stop between the top of Sirimons, Hall Tarns or Austrian Hut.

Minto’s Hut (4297m). It is located near the Gorges Valley and the main contributor to building the hut was John Minto Nutall.

Urumandi Hut (3063m). It is located on the Chogoria Route and water may be available down a steep slope.

Baillie’s Bivvy (5000m). It is a bivouac shelter located on the Mackinder’s Gendarme on the southeast face of Nelion.

Howell Hut (5188m). It is also a bivouac shelter located actually on the summit of Nelion. It was built by Ian Howell who made thirteen solo attempts of Nelion as he gradually carried the building material.